What are the ways to listen to Spiritist Radio?

You can listen through our website, so any device that has a browser and allows you to connect to the internet, such as PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, DVD player, SmartTV, etc.

Click below to download Spiritist Radio App for your smart device:


Google Play

Amazon Apps

Otherwise, search for “Spiritist Radio”.

How did Spiritist Radio come about?

Firstly came the Portuguese language version called Radio Espirita. It came from a joint initiative of the Spiritist Centers in Atlanta, GA (USA). The initial idea was to simply create the “Radio Espirita” however the team started to dream about also operating a radio in English since we are located in an English speaking country.

After three years of experience operating a radio the team decided that it was time to prepare and launch the Spiritist Radio, 100% in English and 24/7 radio.

Spiritist Radio shares the same philosophy of its older sister “Radio Espirita”, which is to responsibly share Spiritism.

The difference between them is the content language.

How does Spiritist Radio is sustained financially?

Through donations from the team and from the spiritist centers in the State of Georgia (USA).

Why does the programming sometimes "cut" or "jump" suddenly to something other than the one I was listening to?

That happens on any web radio due to an interruption in the internet service of the listener.

We will try to explain in a simple way: the application that you use to listen to the radio automatically stores a quantity of programming (this is called “buffer”) that works as if it were a dam that guarantees the continuity of the programming without interruption if small connection failures occur. It turns out that if the connection fall is too long, the “buffer” empties and when the connection returns you will be listening to what is happening at that moment because the “dam” is “dry” due to the long duration without receiving content. When you pause or receive a call the behavior will happen. The app fills out the “reservoir” up to its limit, however, when the pause is too long and the maximum limit is reached no additional content can be stored thereafter. So you will listen to some “stored” time and then the application starts broadcasting “live” content, causing that “cut and jump” effect. To avoid this, make sure you have a stable Internet connection and avoid taking long breaks or having long conversations while you want to listen to some web radio program.

How to contact the Spiritist Radio Team?

You can either use the link “contact us” and fill out the form or send an e-mail to spiritistradio@live.com.

Where can I find the composer names for the songs played on the radio?

This information available on our website as well as on our Android App. Both provide what is currently being broadcast. If it is not possible to access the website or use the Android app at a moment, please contact us and let us know the exact day and time then we will try to inform you.